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BOOM: Ford Fires Back, Destroys Fake News Media – Liberals Are Crying!

Liberal reporters are determined to ruin the President’s reputation and personal life. Now they are trying to blame him for Ford Motor’s announcement of layoffs in the company. Liberals keep saying that it was Trump’s fault because of his tariffs.

Ford’s spokesperson spoke to, and said that the whole scandal was actually a “mischaracterization.”

The recent job cuts will only affect salaried employees. They will not affect manufacturing employees. The company’s spokesperson said that this has nothing to do with President Donald Trump and his tariffs.”The reports you have read about our organization redesign work being related to external forces such as tariffs are incorrect. This is a global effort and not specific to the U.S. We began this effort recently as part of our CEO’s work to make us a faster, more nimble, more innovative company,” Ford Motor Company spokeswoman Karen Hampton said.

Western Journal reported that Hampton expressed her concern about the false information the media spreads. It would have been much better if reporters spoke to Ford prior to publishing the fake info.

Ford released a statement noting that the restructuring changes will not affect manufacturing jobs or hourly workers. The changes will “support the company’s strategic objectives, create a more dynamic and empowering work environment, and become more fit as a business.”

“Although Trump’s tariffs are not causing these layoffs, some analysts have suggested that Trump’s tariffs will force Ford and other automakers to lay off autoworkers if trade deals are not reached. Ford has lost about $1 billion as a result of the international trade war, according to reports, and Morgan Stanley predicted Ford would have to lay off about 12 percent of its global workforce, which is 24,000 people. Ford’s stock was down 29 percent in afternoon trading,” reports confirm.

Ford’s predicament is caused by rising steal and aluminum prices which are caused by the trade war with other countries.

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