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BREAKING: Hillary No Longer Has Security Clearance; Here’s What We Know

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced that Hillary Clinton no longer has security clearance. This is associated with the State Department’s ongoing review of Hillary’s private email served and the mishandling of classified info.

The clearance was withdrawn on August 30, 2018, along with five other staffers, including Cheryl Mills. They all had their clearances revoked on Sept. 20, as confirmed by the letter. The four other people were noted as “research assistants,” and were not identified.

“The U.S. State Department recently confirmed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security clearance has been withdrawn at her request. Clearances for five other individuals whom Clinton designated as researchers have also been withdrawn, including close aide Cheryl Mills, according to the State Department’s update of its ongoing review of the mishandling of classified information related to the use of Clinton’s non-government email server.

Documents containing classified material have been sent to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and all valid security incidents have been added to the security file for some individuals. Department authorities are continuing to review tens of thousands of documents for classified content. The update was provided to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and is being released for the first time following consultation with the State Department. The update follows a letter from the Department in May of 2017 confirming the Department’s review into any mishandling of classified information stemming from the use of Clinton’s non-government email server. That letter, which responded to an inquiry from Grassley, also outlined the review and adjudication process,” reads the Senate Judiciary Committee’s update.

This move comes a year after Grassley demanded an investigation on Hillary’s aides and their security clearance.

Hillary has a lot of questions to answer, and she cannot run from justice for too long. Her shady details will soon be exposed.


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