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BREAKING: Kamala Harris Will Likely Be Removed From The Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Kamila Harris is most likely going to lose her chair in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If you followed the Kavanaugh hearings and if you can remember them, you will also remember that Harris’ questions were nothing more but a personal campaign for her 2020 run.


Liberals are preparing for Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris’s possible expulsion from the Senate Judiciary Committee by highlighting she is a black woman.

In the event that Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith wins the Mississippi runoff election on Nov. 27, the makeup of the Senate Judiciary Committee will shift in favor of the GOP, with a seat currently held by a Democrat flipping red. Consequently, Harris, the most junior Democratic member of the committee, will likely be squeezed out.

“Not only would it be unconscionable to remove the only African American woman from the committee, but Senator Harris also is the most skilled questioner on the entire panel,” Brian Fallon, the former press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, said according to The Washington Post. “Whatever options they need to consider, removing Harris should not be one of them.”

Fallon is the executive director of Demand Justice, a progressive advocacy organization founded to oppose President Donald Trump’s judicial nominations — the Senate Judiciary Committee’s role is to oversee and consider executive nominations. Fallon added that “the backlash would be so intense” if Harris is removed.

“She’s a real lawyer, she is the real deal, she’s a pro, and she also happens to be an African American woman,” Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said according to WaPo. “She belongs on that committee … she is an ideal member.”

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