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BREAKING: NFL Team Replaces American Flag With Enraging New Version – Grossly Unacceptable

Ratings go down, and stadiums are still half empty. Seeing thousands of empty seats is not the best thing ever, and we all saw the players who took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner. The NFL is facing a serious issue.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, 54% of all Americans believe that taking a knee during the National Anthem is inappropriate. About 44% said that they do not mind seeing anthem kneelers. The number of unhappy Americans who stopped following the NFL is on the rise.

The mainstream media and sports media still support protesting players, adding that it is written in their First Amendment rights. However, sane Americans are not buying this.

Protesters still say that the protests are not focused on the military, but they cannot even see that their protests are actually offending the military. The NFL depends on the price of its ad spots, and many sponsors have taken a step back.

The Green Bay Packers management did a terrible mistake during the pre-game ceremony, and displayed an oddly looking variation of the American flag. It was a made-up version of our flag, featuring three solid color stripes, and the blue stripe had the stars printed on it.

Americans were not pleased to see this. “What in the world is that?” and “That’s not my flag!” were the most common comments. Many said that the Packers need to remove the disgraceful banner immediately. Fans took pics of the odd banner, and the Packers got the message. They said that the banner will no longer be displayed.

“During the National Anthem, the team used a red, white and blue banner. The banner had stars on the blue stripe. It’s not American, not American at all. There are a lot of people who have quit the NFL because of the pre-game stuff and all that’s going on. In a statement, Packers spokesman Aaron Popkey said the banner was not meant to represent the American flag. ‘The banner used during Sunday’s pregame ceremony supplemented the three U.S. flags on the roof of the stadium and the flag carried by the color guard on the field. We’ve used such displays from time to time in the past when other pregame elements take up a significant portion of the field. To avoid causing confusion, we will not be using such displays in the future,’” reports read.

The Packers tried to say that the University of Wisconsin marching band had 200 members and the band took up too much of the field to unveil the American flag. Of course, Americans did not buy this.

How will the NFL deal with this? NFL owners are just businessman, and Americans will have to teach them a lesson. Leaving games? Staying at home? These are some nice suggestions.



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