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BREAKING: Trump Warned San Juan Mayor & She Didn’t Listen — Now He’s Sending In The Feds

The Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, does not shred words when it comes to blasting President Donald Trump. That is not the only problem. The mayor ran her big mouth again, and condemned the Trump administration for the poor hurricane response. But, the mayor is the one to be blamed here, and she will have to do a little talk to the feds.

Puerto Rico was damaged during the 2017 tropical storm season. Hurricane Maria struck just two weeks after Hurricane Irma did the damage, and the island was left with no power. This caused numerous issues, and residents were left without drinking water, too.
The situation was awful, and Caren Yuliz Cruz turned it into a political disaster. He had to open her liberal mouth.

Governor Ricardo Rossello thanked the country for its efforts and support, but Cruz did the opposite. The mayor slammed the President for the disaster, and said that FEMA offered no help. What about the allegations that Cruz stopped the aid from getting to people who needed it? This was just an effort to make the President look bad. But, her dirty tricks are now exposed.

The Daily Wire confirmed that the FBI raided government offices in San Juan, including Cruz’s office. They were looking for evidence regarding the corruption in the government.
“Cruz, of course, is the outspoken San Juan mayor who appeared regularly on television during and after Hurricane Maria last year, blaming the Trump administration for failing to address the situation in Puerto Rico. Cruz even donned a “Nasty Woman” shirt in one interview.

However, as administration officials have pointed out, many of the problems rescuers faced were the result of local failures, including a lack of infrastructure, government favoritism, and rampant corruption. Cruz and others are alleged to have hampered, the distribution of much-needed supplies to Puerto Ricans without food, water, medicine, or electricity.”

FBI’s spokesman said they were looking for documents and evidence that would support the allegations. “This search will help us confirm if allegations are true or not. We will look through every document, bill, email … anything that will let us clarify the claims,” the spokesman said.

Mayor Cruz took to Twitter to comment the raid. “If someone has done something wrong, they should be subjected to due process and face the consequences of their actions,” she tweeted.

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