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California Considers Suing Trump After Latest “Use Of Force” To Defend Border

Hundreds of migrants from the caravan hit the San Isidro border near San Diego. Border Patrol agents were their “favorite” target, and they pelted them with rocks and bottles. Yes, that’s their style. Agents could not do anything but respond with non-lethal method. They used tear gas, and liberals used this against the President. The anti-Trumps accused president Trump of using chemical weapons and atrocities.


Did anybody say a thing about all the times former president Barack Obama used tear gas at the border? Of course not! Well, President Trump does not enjoy the same privilege, and liberals trash him on daily basis.

Can you believe that California plans to sue President Donald Trump for his actions to protect our border against violent aliens?

“California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is assessing whether the state can take legal action over the Trump administration’s use of force against a caravan of migrants or a decision and future threats to shut the border with Mexico, he said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday.”

“We have been approached by folks who have expressed complaints. We are monitoring what’s occurring,” explained Becerra.

This is nothing but a proof of California’s liberal craze. The state’s attorney general says that people complain about the President’s border security policy. Is this really enough to file a lawsuit? California and other states cannot do this.

Reuters also acknowledged that California has nothing on President Trump.  But, its method is definitely awkward.


“…has limited jurisdiction to insert itself despite the clashes taking place on the state’s border because the federal government has sweeping control over border and immigration administration.”

California’s jurisdiction is nonexistent. Reuters keeps trying to pain a pic in which California has some sort of a jurisdiction.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra thinks he has a plan. “But Becerra suggested that if a state resident was being affected, including by shutting of the border, the state could have cause to intervene.”

“I can’t act unless the rules are on our side,” he said.


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