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Cop Hears What Employee Says To Him, Sits Silently For A Minute, Then Takes Actio

This police officer pulled over to the local Hardee’s drive-thru to get his breakfast, and the employee’s comments left him speechless for a second. But, he could not just sit and do nothing.

Cody Yates, a Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy in Madisonville, Tennessee, went through a Hardee’s drive-thru and was shocked by the message the employee sent him. The officer just pulled over to pay, and that’s when he got floored.

The woman that drove away, right before Cody arrived, had paid for his breakfast that day. But, the officer did not want to accept his free meal, and decided to do something good for the woman.

“Being in a small town, I started asking around and found out who she was,” he recalled. Angel Brooks payed the officer’s breakfast. Her husband was terminally ill, but she did not stop caring for other people.
“Whoever pulls up behind me, just pay for his breakfast. We’ve been so blessed with people helping us out,” Angel Brooks told the drive-thru worker.

Angel was not referring to the help she received for her husband, and all the people who help her in every aspect of life. Angel’s daughter Megan has cerebral palsy.

“It made me realize that about everybody that you come in contact with is worrying about all the small things in life. That really don’t hold a candle to what some people are dealing with,” Yates said. After hearing about Angel’s problems, the officer decided to help her in the best way possible. His fellow officers made donations to the Brooks family, and were more than happy to do that.

The officer had $520 within an hour, and that is not all. He visited local churches to help the family. “It’s very overwhelming. I got teary-eyed. I’m not going to lie,” Jeff Brooks said. “I broke down. I cried. I’m a big man, but I’ve got a big heart,” Yates said.

Jeff died 45 days after he was diagnosed.

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