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Democrats FREAK: Obama Loses Control In Wild-Eyed Shrieking Rant

Democrats really thought that former president Barack Obama would help them win the midterms, but they were absolutely wrong. They considered him the Democratic messiah, but Obama’s time is up. He can no longer fill arenas. The former president appeared in one of his recent campaigns for Democrats, and tried to convince people that their votes should go to Dems. It is not going to happen in this world.

Democratic rallies look like a circus if you take into consideration all the failed people who take the courage to talk to the crowd. Barack Obama was long considered to be the top Democrat, but people do not like him anymore. People do not trust him, and even the media are trying to stay aside.

“President Trump’s rally on Saturday in Elko County, Nevada, drew approximately four times the number of attendees as former President Obama’s own rally in the state Monday. The Elko Daily Free Press reported that Trump spoke to roughly 8,500 supporters at a regional airport in the northeastern Nevada mining town,” Fox News reported.

ABC News reported that Obama took the credit for the nation’s economy and slammed the President before 2,000 people. Well, this “behind-the-stage” video shows that there were not that many people.

“It’s more like a blue puddle? Anyway this angle doesn’t seem to be playing on TV, wonder why.”

“Barack Obama speaks in front of thousands at Milwaukee high school.” No, he did not.

Obama even makes a drama of the ticket-selling process, and people asked him to do the same thing as President Trump. He gives them out online. First come, first serve. That’s much better. But, no, Obama is all about drama here.

“Here’s the line to get Obama tickets at the Democratic office in Cobb County. The former Prez is coming to ATL on Friday to stump for ⁦@staceyabrams⁩ #gapol,” Greg Bluestein tweeted.

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