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Ex-Prez Of Shell Oil Co DESTROYS Obama After He Tries To Claim He Started US Oil Boom

We were all sincerely hoping that once he left the Oval Office, Barack Obama would quietly fade into the sunset, but unfortunately, he has done quite the opposite.

He has continually slammed President Donald Trump, but in addition to that he has even gone so far as to take credit for things he didn’t do.

Conservative Tribune reports that Obama’s most recent “credit-grab came in the form of him saying he is the reason why America is the largest oil producer. Yes, he really said that.”

Take a look:

He stated, “(Oil production) went up every year I was president. That whole, suddenly America is the biggest oil producer, that was me, people.”

He finished off by saying, “Just say, ‘thank you,’ please.” Yup, he really said that.

This is the same man who fought HARD for climate-change policies. He was totally against oil production. Recall back to the way he limited oil drilling.

Obama wasn’t about to get away with making such a ridiculous claim, however. John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil, didn’t hesitate to call the former President out over his comments.

Hofmeister explained that while oil production did see an increase during Obama’s time in office, it was all thanks to state, not federal government involvement. “The federal government had no role,” the former Shell president said.

He continued, “And if anything, he was trying to frustrate the efforts by taking federal lands off of the availability list, putting them out– just no more drilling. He shut down the Gulf of Mexico for a period of six months, changed the regulations from an average of 60-80 pages per permit to 600-800 pages per permit.”

“He also never approved the Keystone XL pipeline after dangling all the potential customers for eight years. And it was in the eighth year he said ‘No Keystone pipeline.’ And so I would say he was not a leader when it comes to energy,” he explained.

Hofmeister wasn’t alone in condemning Obama for his attitude, either. Social media wasn’t happy about it.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The Washington Times wrote that the Institute for Energy Research also disputed Obama’s claims. Using Congressional Research Service data, the Institute showed that from 2009 to 2017, shares of crude oil and natural gas, all produced on federal lands, saw a decline. Meanwhile, those produced on non-federal lands rose, or in their words, “skyrocketed.”

The Institute added that the damage Obama’s policies inflicted are still being felt today. “Production on federal lands has not been able to fully recover from Obama Administration policies that resulted in a moratorium on offshore energy permitting and long delays in approving drilling permits.”

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