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HERE WE GO: Pelosi, House Democrats Block Veterans’ Health Care Bill

Nancy Pelosi keeps trying to convince everybody that President Donald Trump is the bad guy here. She disapproves his effort to shut down the government over the funding for his border wall. But, Pelosi forgets that this shutdown does not hurt anybody.

In March and June, we faced a shutdown and House Democrats tried to block the veterans’ health care bill. They used the very same shutdown to block the bill. That’s how Democrats roll.

Democrats never cared about veterans and the US military. They hate the President, and President Trump supports veterans. That’s why they are going after all the men and women in uniform.

From Politico:

“Democratic leaders sent a letter to rank-and-file members Tuesday urging them to block the three-bill spending bundle, H.R. 5895 (115) — which would mean rejecting funding for popular programs like Veterans Affairs and the Army Corps of Engineers — to gain leverage in future funding fights.

‘The GOP minibus package on the floor this week is partisan, wrong-headed and dangerous,’ Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her deputies wrote in a letter obtained by POLITICO. ‘House Democrats must stand together once again, to fight for the priorities that matter in the lives of the American people.’

The Democratic leaders’ decision to lock arms against three usually noncontroversial spending bills threatens to put a chokehold on the GOP’s spending strategy this year. They’re attempting a redo of last year’s spending strategy, which forced House GOP leaders into painful negotiations with their divided caucus to put up the 218 votes for spending bills themselves.”

This is nothing but an attempt to revenge. Democrats want to throw veterans under the bus just to humiliate President Trump. The House controls the situation now, and there is almost no chance that this bill comes true. Veterans will not like this, and patriots across the country are already raging.

Source: Politico

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