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Joy Gets Slapped Hard By Dan Bongino After She Says Trump’s Trapped Like A Rat

Joy Behar calls herself an expert in Mueller’s probe, and as always, she tries to predict the future. The former comedian believes that President Donald Trump is trapped like a rat, and her audience at The View applauded at her. Do these people really believe that Behar knows what she is talking about? Well, they better hear what former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has to say.

Behar said that feds named President Trump the “Individual-1,” adding that Republicans will turn on him. What on Earth is she talking about? Guess what Bongino did next…

“I want to quote Steve Bannon before we go. He says the president needs a team that can go to the mattresses. Don’t you love a mafia — that’s a mob phrase. He wrote this: ‘The president can’t trust the GOP there when it comes. They don’t feel any sense of duty or responsibility to stand with Trump.’ That’s his biggest problem — that the GOP is not going to back him as soon as more of this stuff comes out and that’s why he’s like a trapped rat at the White House!”

“Joy Behar celebrated her 20th anniversary as co-host of The View on Thursday, and she suggested that if that weren’t reason enough for President Donald Trump to resign (as a gift to her), his former lawyer Michael Cohen also pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow,” HuffPo reported.

Joy even threatened to quit the show after Meghan McCain expressed her disgust with Behar’s comments.

Dan Bongino was a New York police officer before he became a Secret Service agent. Well, he knows how things work, and slammed Behar.

Last year, Bongino studied the Mueller investigation.

“Now, Mueller’s new theory is Trump obtained the presidency by fraud. This is amazing, folks. This started at treason, and now, they are saying there was a campaign finance violation … these allegations of payoffs to these women he Trump allegedly had relationships with.”

“And the payoffs, altered the presidential election. Because if the public would have known about these relationships, then Hillary would have won. Please tell me you get this folks … this is their new theory. They went from treason to collusion, to obstruction of justice, to campaign finance laws. This is all they have now!” Bongino said.

“They’ve got nothing left because you can’t invent facts. The left made up this case in conjunction with their media hack buddies … and now, they are embarrassed. They have got nothing left,” he concluded.

Source: Breitbart

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