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Judge Jeanine Unleashed On Hillary And Liberals And It’s Bad

Judge Jeanine Pirro is not a person who shreds words when it comes to addressing the “bad guys,” and this time she unleashed on Democrats and their call for violence.
Democrats are responsible for the chaos in the last few weeks, and it all started with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Things did not work for them, and now they are encouraging protesters to become more violent.
Judge Jeanine condemned those comments, and she talked about the problem during the opening of her Saturday Fox News program “Justice With Judge Jeanine.” Democrats may disagree with her, but Judge Jeanine made a few great remarks. Maybe they will start acting reasonably.
“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Hillary Clinton was the first to start the mess.

Former attorney general Eric Holder told a group of people that instead of following Michelle Obama’s phrase “when they go low, we go high,” people should stick to “when they go low, we kick them.”
“Really, Eric. You a former attorney general of the United States condone violence? Someone who thinks beliefs and word justify physical assault? Did you even go to law school?” Pirro said.

“Look. Here is the bottom line. We are not even two years into Trump’s presidency. The economy, record high unemployment, record low. Under President Trump Americans saved $3.2 trillion in taxes. $3.3 — 3.3 million jobs have been created.

The military is being rebuilt. 120 federal judges have been appointed. Two United States Supreme Court justices. A much-improved trade deal with Mexico and Canada. 80,000 illegal aliens have been deported by I.C.E. 15 hostages have been brought home from North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and of course just today, pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey. So to all those Trump-hating demon rats and the mainstream media, keep up the antics,” she added.

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