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JUST IN: Emergency Meeting Called As Russia Seizes Vessels

Ukrainian Government informs that Russia has opened fire on its ships. According to them, the Russians have wounded two members of the crew and captured two vessels. The War Cabinet of Ukraine called for the UN to make an emergency meeting of the Security Council.

According to Ukrainian Officials, Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, met with the military cabinet due to “extraordinary” circumstances. The Ukrainian Navy officially confirmed that Russia opened fire and then seized tree ships (Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yana Kapu).  These events will be recorded as an act of war.





The Associated Press has more updates:


BREAKING: Ukraine says Russia opens fire on Ukrainian navy ships in Kerch Strait near Crimea, one of them damaged.

BREAKING: Ukraine’s president to convene emergency meeting of the military’s top brass amid Russia tensions near Crimea.

BREAKING: Ukraine says number of boats hit by Russian fire increases to 2, 2 crew members wounded; both vessels seized by Russia.

The spokesman for Ukrainian President Poroshenko says that the leader is convening an emergency meeting of the military’s top brass amid tensions with Russia near the Crimean Peninsula.

Ukrainian Navy website is now down. Unclear why. Developing…

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has their website down for the moment.

— The Intel Crab (@IntelCrab) November 25, 2018


According to Russia TV, Washington is provoking more and more stress:


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