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Just In: Hillary And Bill Unveil New Speaking Tour – And Ticket Prices Are EYE-POPPING

The Clintons are trying to get in the center of all events again. The Clintons are out of the game for quite some time, and they are doing their best to talk politics.

This time Bill and Hillary announced their plan to visit 13 cities as part of their tour scheduled to take place after November’s midterm elections. Oh, yes, the tickets are super pricey.

Fox News confirms that the Clinton tour will begin on Nov. 18 in Las Vegas and end in May 2019. Each attendant will have to pay $745, and people are already speculating that the former secretary of state is trying to create perfect conditions for her third presidential run.

The Live Nation Tour will include several stops in the States and Canada. The Clintons will talk about their opinion on “one of the United States’ most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections.”

Liberals are already dribbling over the possibility that Hillary runs for president again. Others are still frustrated over Bill’s comments on the #MeToo movement. Hillary made several speaking engagements this year, and also opened a few controversial topics.

We all remember how she insulted Americans by saying that anyone who does not admit that Trump’s policies are damaging America is not “walking around with their eyes open.” She also said that the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will bring the US back to the days of slavery. Hillary dares to say that Americans voted for Trump just because they “did not like black people getting rights.”

In one of his interviews with NBC host Craig Melvin, Bill talked about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

“Nobody believes that I got out of that for free. I left the White House $16 million in debt. I don’t think it would be an issue because people would be using the facts instead of the imagined facts. If the facts were the same today, I wouldn’t (resign). But you, typically, have ignored gaping facts in describing this and I bet you don’t even know them. This was litigated 20 years ago. Two-thirds of the American people sided with me. They were not insensitive to that. You are giving one side and omitting facts,” Bill said.




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