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Just In: NFL Protests Start Again, ”This Is Just The Beginning” Says NFL Player

Anthem kneelers strike again. The National Football League struggled really hard with all the players who disrespected the National Anthem. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first to take a knee, and other players followed his steps. Football players protested police brutality and other social issues. The league lost sponsors, and its ratings dropped.

NFL officials created rules to handle the problem this year, but it seems like their efforts went down the hill. We have seen players take a knee again. This time it was Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid.

Reid took a knee during The Star-Spangled Banner before Sunday’s matchup against the New York Giants. He was the only player to protest the anthem. It is something he has been doing since his time with the San Francisco 49ers. Reid is the first Panther ever to take a knee during the anthem.

The safety stayed in the Panthers family for four years. He joined his former teammate Colin Kaepernick in 2016 in order to protest police brutality and racial inequality. The kneeling issue became the most controversial topic in the league, and even the sitting President of the United States called out protesters.

Reid returned to the NFL on Sunday after inking his deal with the Panthers on Sept. 27. He and Colin Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL alleging teams colluded against landing him during free agency because of the anthem kneeling. Reid signed a one-year contract with the Carolina Panthers, and promised to keep kneeling.

“I’m still evaluating the scope of our country, and I’ll make that decision later,” Reid said when asked if he was still considering whether he should continue the kneeling.

“Nothing will ever change unless you talk about it. So we’re going to continue to talk about it. We’re going to continue to hold America to the standards that it says on paper — that we’re all created equal. Because it’s not that way right now. But we’re going to keep pushing toward that,”  he said.



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