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Just In: Pelosi Says Trump’s Got ‘Manhood Issue’ With Border Wall, POTUS Makes Her Regret It

Nancy Pelosi would do anything to grab the Speaker of House’s again. The mid-term elections are a few weeks away, and the House Minority Leader is ready to blast the President again.

In her efforts to amaze women voters, the Democrat called the border wall a “manhood issue” for President Trump. Oh, she will regret this comment any time now.

No plan will ever discredit the President and his efforts to make America great again. Nancy Pelosi better step back, and let the President do his job. Pelosi could not do anything but attack the President’s efforts to build the Southern border wall.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday said President Trump‘s desire for a wall along the U.S-Mexico border is a ‘manhood issue,’ adding that she will oppose the wall and isn’t interested in negotiating,” the Hill reported.

“It’s immoral, expensive, ineffective and not something people do between countries. In any event, it happens to be like a manhood issue for the president, and I’m not interested in that,” Pelosi said.

The Democrat emphasized that the President should not say that her friends are not interested in protecting the border. “That isn’t the only way to protect the border. In fact, it’s probably the worst way to protect the border,” Pelosi said.

In one of her interviews, Pelosi said that Democrats will not vote to fund the border wall. “I don’t see any of us [Democrats] voting for wall funding. We have a responsibility to secure our borders.

There are ways to do that that are consistent with civilization, humanitarianism and who we are as a nation. We have to remove all doubt about that,” the Democrat explained.
President Trump was not buying any of that, and he responded to Pelosi’s remarks.

“Hard to believe that with thousands of people from South of the Border, walking unimpeded toward our country in the form of large Caravans, that the Democrats won’t approve legislation that will allow laws for the protection of our country. Great Midterm issue for Republicans!” he tweeted.

|Republicans must make the horrendous, weak and outdated immigration laws, and the Border, a part of the Midterms!” President Trump wrote in another tweet.

President Trump noted that Pelosi is trying to reach out for all the women who did not vote for Hillary Clinton. Democrats are all-in when it comes to championing women, but we know that they are just faking it.

“College educated women want safety, security and healthcare protections – very much along with financial and economic health for themselves and our Country. I supply all of this far better than any Democrat (for decades, actually). That’s why they will be voting for me!” President Trump tweeted.

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