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Kavanaugh Makes His First Move On Supreme Court, And Liberals Won’t Know What To Say

The Congress voted 50-48 on Saturday and confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Although the process was accompanied by a huge scandal, it was nothing but a matter of time. The ceremony did not go as smooth as it usually does as some paid protesters tried to disrupt the process by pounding on the doors.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation happened after the smeared campaign that almost ruined his family and reputation. Democrats tried to win their battle by pulling put a sex scandal, and liberal reporters added fuel to the fire.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh denied each of the allegations against him, and the investigation was shut down because Christine Ford’s story had too many inconsistencies.

Kavanaugh was coaching girls basketball for years. He hired and appointed women clerks, and none of them complained of his behavior. The judge respects women and that goes against everything Democrats came up with in the last few days.

The newly appointed justice did not waste more time, and he is already down to business. Kavanaugh met with his new and historic clerks. “Justice Kavanaugh met with his four law clerks, all women — a first for the Supreme Court — in chambers that had until recently been occupied by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who has moved to Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s old chambers,” reads the Times report.

In his testimony in September, Kavanaugh said he would continue to make steps to address the under representation of women in the world of law. “A majority of my 48 law clerks over the last 12 years have been women. In my time on the bench, no federal judge — not a single one in the country — has sent more women law clerks to clerk on the Supreme Court than I have,” Kavanaugh said in the statement.

How will liberals react to Kavanaugh’s first appointment?



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