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LEAKED AUDIO: Democrat Activists Told NOT To Reveal That They Were Brought In By The Busload

Leaked Audio: Democrat Protesters Were Forced To Keep Their Mouth Shut

Democrats are no strangers to bringing voters in by the busload, that’s exactly what happened during the Antonio Delgado campaign.

Delgado is running for Congress in New York’s 19th Congressional district, and reports confirm that his race against Rep. John Faso is really tight.

There is a leaked video that became viral. It exposes a busload of liberal activists being warned not to talk about the “means of transport” they used to arrive at the location. Sources report that these activists came from NYC to upper New York.

This video confirms the theory that activists are being brought from other cities in order to outnumber conservative voters and make Democrat events look huge.

“One thing that I wanted to say that is important, if you post on social media, please do not mention that you are from New York City. The reason is, much though they love us, the Faso campaign on September 15th posted that the Delgado campaign was bussing in busloads of New York City democratic socialists, bringing outsiders in to try to sway the campaign. And the campaign is understandably concerned about this.”

Faso was right this whole time. These people are being bussed, and they are trying to hide that. This is not a fair play, and those people better come out telling the truth. This is an undeniable evidence that Democrats always play dirty when it comes to winning elections.

How much do these people earn to jump in the bus and travel to whatever location they are told? Some are even promised free trips and free dinner at fancy restaurants. Well, liberals are ready do to that and much more. They will never join an election race with clean hands. It is just how they roll.

But, President Trump and other Republicans are winning elections without forcing people to take part of any “busload scandal.”


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