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Liberal Idiot Goes To Help “Poor” Refugee Children, Smacked With Brutal Truth

Liberals are as ignorant as they can be, and they are using the refugee crisis to pull out their dirty tricks. This time a brainwashed liberal decided to go with the leftist “open borders” propaganda, and volunteered to help innocent refugee kids.

Yes, this person started acting stupid since the first moment she stepped out of her vehicle. It is always interesting to see how liberals get struck with a brutal dose of reality (and ignorance).

Liberals keep condemning any opposition to their vicious plans. They are just trying to destroy democracy, and these culturally incompatible migrants are helping them achieve their goal without even being aware of it. The issue with the Sharia law is here, too.

They denounce questions of dangerous objective as “intolerant” or “racist, and turn a blind eye to racism and intolerance that are perpetuated by their political “assistants.”

The bad news comes when you realize that the one-way tolerance is never returned by the new guests. Can you imagine a scene where a liberal gets hit by reality? That’s when their hypocrisy comes to surface.

In a recent video made in Athens, a Greek woman is surrounded by refugee children, and she had the worst experience ever.
“A sensitive anti-racist, who was baited by the channels’ regime propaganda, went to Ellinikon to offer aid to the ‘persecuted refugee children.’

However, instead of starving children, she met a gang of thieves, who in no time swiped whatever was in her car, her purse, her cell phone and all her belongings. The same and worse happened to her sensitive and humanitarian friend who accompanied her.

Without comment, we present the relevant training video. You won’t see this on any of the entangled porn channels, which feed us bullshit and vile anti-racist propaganda every night, despite the fact that cameras were recording these wretched acts,” reports confirm.

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