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Liberal Snot Refused To Remove Feet From Seat For Elderly To Sit – LAPD Teaches Her PAINFUL Lesson

Another person gets to learn that rules are not to be broken, and she learned it the hard way. Most of us understand every rules of our society, and we know that putting our feet on transport seats is not a good idea. Ignoring elderly, pregnant women or pretty much anyone who needs a seat is also bad manners.

Rules are not meant to be broken, and Bethany Nava had to learn it in the most painful way. Nava was riding a Metro Red Line Train, and ended up being kicked out off the train. She broke the rule that says, “placing feet or shoes on seats or furnishings’ is prohibited disorderly conduct, which may be penalized with a warning and/or ejection from the train.”

Yes, she was warned, but would not listen. An LAPD officer gave her a nice advice, but she did not listen. She was later ejected, and is now under investigation.

The investigation was started after the police officer was caught on camera as he dragged the woman off of the subway because she did not want to take her feet off the seat.

Nava is 18, and it is such a terrible thing to see someone this young and this disrespectful.


Daily Mail has more on the incident:

“The officer can be heard saying: ‘I already told you what to do and you didn’t. You disobeyed me. You’re getting off the train.’

He then begins pulling her by the arm, as she begins shouting ‘I paid to be on this train’ and ‘you’re pulling me off the train, I can’t get my stuff’.

At the start of the video the police officer asks the Bethany Nava to leave the train and eventually begins to pull her arm

As the officer continues to pull her she says ‘stop, let me go’ before she is eventually dragged off and pinned against the platform wall by the officer.

‘This is not f*****g fair that you took me off the train because I had my foot there because I was comfortable like that,’ she said.

‘There is no law that tells me that I cannot sit that way because I paid to be in there’ but the officer replied: ‘It’s the rules of the train.’”

Check up the video!


Daily Mail also reported about the bystander, Selina Lechuga, who cursed the officer. Yes, she was handcuffed, too.

“Meanwhile a small group of bystanders gather, including a woman, later identified by LAPD as 22-year-old Selina Lechuga, who can be heard shouting expletives at the officer.

‘Are you f*****g kidding me? You really have nothing to do,’ Lechuga says.

The two women continue to remonstrate with the officer on the platform with Lechuga accusing the officer of picking on Nava to meet his monthly arrest quota.

Eventually, about half a dozen other officers arrive and Lechuga, who continues swearing, and Nava are both handcuffed and taken into custody.

‘This is racism. This is what we are: 2018, m**********s like this want to just try to act like they can do whatever  they want. F**k you guys,’ said Lechuga, who also appears to spit at an officer.”

May this be a lesson for everyone who opposes to obey rules!


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