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Lindsey Graham Utterly Humiliates Liz Warren — “This Is My Trump Moment!”

Senator Elizabeth Warren may not be aware of it, but her career is already done. The senator released the results of her DNA test, and the whole attempt to convince people that she has a Native American genes went down the hill. She even offended the Cherokee Nation. Senator Lindsey Graham did not have the best comments for her, and he referred to the whole thing as the “Trump moment.”

Senator Graham has been attacking his liberal opponents in so many occasions, and people really like his boldness. He was super irritated by liberals’ attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh and his reputation. Graham was one of the very few Republicans to defend Kavanaugh. His comments on Kavanaugh’s testimony are one of the reason Kavanaugh is in the Supreme Court today.

This is a brand new Graham. He will be joining the President’s bolder GOP, and he is one of those Republicans who stood up to confront Democrats.
The fun part comes when you realize that Graham said he was taking a DNA test himself. Wonder why? He is convinced that he has more Indian heritage than Elizabeth Warren.

“I’m going to take a DNA test. I’ve been told my grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. It may all just be talk. This is my Trump moment. This is reality TV,” Graham said.

The senator said he did not think a lot about his heritage until Warren released the results of her DNA, suggesting that she is 1/1024 and 1/64 Native American. “I’m dying to know. I think I can beat her,” Graham said.

Americans are proud of the senator. It was about time that someone shuts down Elizabeth Warren. She needs to stop the nonsense about her alleged Indian heritage. Are you happy to see Graham act this way? Keep up the good job, Senator Graham.

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