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Meghan Attacks Melania’s ‘Offensive’ Clothes, Fed Up Audience Makes Her Regret It

It seems like Meghan McCain returned to The View with the only goal to attack President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. She really hates the First Couple, and things got worse after her father died. Meghan really sounds like a vicious anti-Trump protester.

This time the former Fox host attacked the First Lady, shouting that her fashion style in Africa is not “the message that we as Americans should send.” Well, the audience made her regret those comments.

Meghan is not a conservative. She is just an evil woman who uses her position to blast the Trumps. “Thursday on ABC’s The View, after a heated discussion on the #MeToo movement the ladies moved on to First Lady Melania Trump wearing a pith helmet while in Africa,” sources confirm.

“So I brought this up because there are so many different elements to this. Number one, this is her [Melania] first solo trip—she did a press spray, which is when you’re a politician standing in front of a group of reporters. She said, ‘Concentrate on what I say, not what I wear.’ But the problem is when you’re wearing things like this [pith helmet], which is very charged because it’s a symbol of British colonialism,” McCain said.

Well, the people in Africa really loved our First Lady. She looked stunning, and it Meghan made some really ignorant comments here. She even had to bring her mother into the whole thing.

My mother does a lot of philanthropy in Africa—she travels there all the time—never would be caught dead wearing this under these kind of circumstances and I think when I try and give Melania so much leg room and I really really really try with her, I just don’t understand her fashion choices. And our first lady’s fashion choices are political. It was political when Jackie O decided to wear a French designer instead of an American designer. The clothes that our first ladies wear are political choices. I just wish whoever is in charge would maybe think a little more,” she said.

The audience was really offended, and the comments could not stop. Fans were literally asking them to shut up. They all agreed that Meghan crossed the red line this time.


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