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Meghan Returns To The View & Trashes Trump Hard, 2008 Video Makes Her Regret It

Meghan McCain came back to her favorite show, and the “anti-Trump” venom is still in her veins. It is interesting to note that Meghan thanked the liberal co-hosts with tears in her eyes. “My dad loved you so much Whoopi!”

If you ask Meghan, she will say that she is the “voice of true conservatism.” She will also say that Trump’s supporters are lowlifes. Well, this 2008 video has something else to say. Will Meghan regret the words that came out of her mouth? Absolutely.

And yes, since when is the Republican Party owned by Meghan McCain? Her father died, but that does not mean that she owns the party. Hundreds of people die every day, and Meghan keeps mistaking her grief for some ridiculous notion. She does not know real patriotism, and she has no idea of real conservative values. How can she even think that the Trump supporters are not good for her and the party?

“The ideals my father espoused through his career, are the ideals of America, And I think there was a lot of talk of what died with him, and I am here today to tell you—it didn’t!” Then, she went on to do her Trump bashing. “He believed when you’re a candidate and someone says something racist at a rally, you push back! That is John McCain!” McCain said.

So, Meghan just went on the most liberal show to talk about conservatism. There is no conservative power served on this show. Meghan just uses the show to double down on her hate of the President. And talking about her dad… She is just using her grief to make a point, but Americans can already read between the lines.

Why was Elizabeth Hasselbeck defending John McCain and Sarah Palin and taking on Joy and Whoopi?

In the 2008 video, Joy slams John. “Oh John McCain is apt to fly off the handle at any minute!” Then Whoopi argues for Barack Obama and puts down McCain when co-host Sherri Shephard reminds Hasselbeck, “Well, John McCain was part of the Keating 5,” she said, and Whoopi went confirming that.


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