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MUST SEE: Grassley released Timeline of Kavanaugh Case – Feinstein and Dems Are Done

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee released the timeline of the Kavanaugh investigation. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released the document on Friday after the Federal Bureau of Investigation proceeded its investigation to the Senate as it did not found any evidence to support the claims of Christine Ford.

The FBI could not find any witness to confirm Ford’s story on the sexual assault, but found a few witnesses who disputed the allegations.

Committee members received the document on Friday.

Actions by Chairman Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee related to allegations made and disputed regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

A 38-year member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman Grassley has worked to secure a thorough, credible and effective committee process as the U.S. Senate meets its constitutional duty of advice and consent in considering the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Grassley reopened the hearing after four days and 32 hours of testimony from the nominee during the week of September 4, including a closed session available to all Judiciary Committee members to scrutinize any issues or concerns about the nominee that involve confidentiality. The supplemental hearing took place on September 27, and it provided a fair and professional forum for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to share allegations she made about the nominee, and for the nominee to respond to questions and address those allegations.

In addition, Chairman Grassley has conducted extensive review and investigation of the allegations made by Dr. Ford and comments and statements made by others both in news media reports and in messages to other senators that have been given to the Judiciary Committee. A description of those efforts is provided here.”

Judge Kavanaugh and Feinstein met on August 20, 2018. However, Feinstein did not note anything on the allegations against him.

Why was Diane Feinstein hiding Ford’s letter?


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