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President Trump Seals Deal On The Release Of US Pastor – Here Are The Details

The White House managed to make a secret deal with the Turkish government in order to release the American pastor has been was imprisoned in Turkey for more than a couple of years.

The Trump administration is positive about the release of pastor Andrew Brunson, and the information was confirmed by several sources, including NBC News.

Turkish officials imprisoned Brunson and his wife in October 2016 on allegations that they assisted groups labeled as terrorist organizations in Turkey. Brunson had been operating the Christian churches in Turkey for 23 years until his imprisonment. He will have his court hearing on Friday.

In July, President Donald Trump expressed his faith in the deal with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to release the pastor. President Trump asked the Israeli government to release the Turkish woman from their jail in an exchange for Brunson’s release, as confirmed per reports.

However, instead of sending him to the United States, the Turkish court put him on house arrest during his trial.
President Trump addressed Erdogan on Twitter, and his administration placed an economic sanction on Erdogan’s government.

The Turkish President said publicly that he will be holding the pastor as a bargaining chip, hoping to force President Trump to extradite Fethullah Gulen. Gulen is a political foe of Erdogan, and lives in exile in the States.

Erdogan blamed Gulen of masterminding an attempt against the Turkish Government in 2016. Gulen is his former ally. Brunson faced accusations that he helped Gulen’s supporters in their effort.

We do not have much info on Brunson’s release, but the deal will sure include relaxation of sanctions.

President Trump will never let his people down. It is something he promised in his campaign, and he has already accomplished most of that. keep up the good job, Mr. President, you are doing great!

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