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Real American Tom Selleck Has Had Enough Of Rosie Trashing Trump, Hits Her Where It Hurts

Will Rosie O’Donnell ever find something decent to do? Because Americans are really fed up with her nonsense, and we can no longer tolerate her anti-Trump stuff. Rosie crosses the red line every time she opens her mouth. We have heard pretty much everything about her liberal propaganda, and it makes our ears hurt. These days Rosie hits Twitter and insults President Donald Trump and his supporters.

We have every reason to believe that Rosie belongs to a mental hospital. Is there any therapist to treat her condition? The same applies to the rest of the celebrities who agree with her.

NBC’s “Rosie O’Donnell Show” was created with the only purpose to allow Rosie to tell everyone that she hates everyone. We are so happy to see it canceled. Tom Selleck went on the show, and talked about the big screen. But, Rosie had something else on her mind.

Via Capitalist Magazine:

In left-leaning Hollywood, one could more safely come out of the closet and admit to child molestation than a support of the Second Amendment. For Selleck’s colossal sin of being in Hollywood and conservative, the “Queen of Nice” jumped on Selleck the way Jeffrey Dahmer attacks a Chateaubriand.

O’Donnell: “But you can’t say that guns don’t bear responsibility. … Why would the NRA be against assault rifles? This is a gun that can shoot five bullets in a second. This is the gun that those boys brought into the school. Why the NRA doesn’t say as a matter of compromise: ‘We agree. Assault weapons are not good.’”

Selleck: “I can’t speak for the NRA –”

O’Donnell: “But you’re their spokesperson, Tom. You have to be responsible for what they say.”

Selleck: “I’m not a spokesperson –”

O’Donnell: “… But you can’t say that ‘I will not take responsibility for anything the NRA represents’ if you’re saying that you’re gonna do an ad for the NRA.”

Selleck: “… You’re carefully skirting the issue. It’s an act of moral vanity, Rosie, to assume that someone who disagrees with your political agenda to solve our problems cares any less or is any less –”

O’Donnell: “I never said you cared less. Tom, I don’t think you care less. Nor do I think the men in the NRA cared less. … I simply said, why can there not be a compromise?”

Selleck: “There is a compromise. There’s a compromise in enforcing laws, there’s a compromise in not allowing kids with guns in schools. The problem is, and what you don’t seem to realize. … Look, we all hang out with people we agree with, and you have a very one-sided view of the fact, but what you don’t understand –”

O’Donnell: “As does the NRA, and the people you hang out within the NRA have a one-sided view, as well.”

The NRA is targeted by liberals for standing up to the Federal Government and helping people have their Second Amendment rights protected. The President held a speech at the National NRA Convention in Dallas, and we are more than thankful to have someone care about us.


Source:   Capitalist Magazine


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