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Sarah Palin Just Released Her Last Warning For Lisa Murkowski

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s latest comments confirm the possibility of a challenge to Sen. Lisa Murkowski in 2022. Murkowski is a three term incumbent, and she is still undecided on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. However, several key points outline the possibility that she votes ‘no.’

Palin and Murkowski are political opponents. Palin defeated Murkowski’s father in 2006 in the GOP primary. She endorsed GOP challenger Joe Miller who won over incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 primary. Murkowski’s run was pretty controversial, as she was a write-in candidate. She won the reelection over Miller in the general election.

Murkowski was appointed to the Senate back in 2002. Her father Frank Murkowski appointed her, because he became the governor in Alaska and left the Senate. Murkowski never had the power to win the majority of the vote in general elections.

“Although Murkowski has won three full terms to the Senate, she has never won a majority of the vote; she won pluralities in each of her three races, with 48.6% of the vote in 2004, 39.5% in 2010, and 44.4% in 2016,” Wikipedia notes.

Moments before Sarah Palin tweeted to Murkowski about the 2022 challenge, she retweeted former aide Rebecca Mansour talking about Palin and Murkowski.

“2/2 And I defended that fact that a brave woman whistleblower was the only person to ever defeat the crony corruption of the Murkowski family. That woman was @SarahPalinUSA, and I’m sure you have plenty of misogynist attacks to throw her way, just as you’ve thrown them at me.”

This will be a tough run, and former political opponents never forget the battles they lost. Will Palin really challenge Murkowski? If yes, what will happen once Murkowski realizes that her spot is in danger? Let’s wait and find out.


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