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Sarah Sanders Stomped ALL OVER Acosta On His First Day Back – WATCH

Court ruled in favor of CNN and Jim Acosta, and the liberal reporter now has his hard pass back. Well, the White House could not put up with this nonsense, and came forward with a bunch of new rules in order to get things right.

Acosta was accused of attacking a White House intern where he did not accept to hand over the microphone after President Donald Trump moved on with his questions and other reporters. Well, Acosta is back again, and he had his first day in briefing room. What did White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders do? She called on him. What did Acosta do? He went on with his terrible attitude, and Sarah shut him down.

Acosta asked questions about Paul Manafort, President Trump and the Special Counsel.

The White House Press Secretary shut him down saying the White House has always cooperated with Mueller and that “since there was no collusion” they are expecting to bring the matter to the end.

Acosta disrespected the rules.

From Fox News:

“The questioning grew tenser — though not nearly as explosive as the post-election incident that resulted in his pass being pulled — as Acosta then asked why Trump doesn’t have faith in his advisers, citing the president’s apparent skepticism toward a major government climate change study and the CIA’s findings regarding Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s role in activist Jamal Khashoggi’s killing.

Sanders shot back, ‘That’s not accurate,’ as the CNN reporter listed a series of examples. He continued to ask the question but was met with pushback from Sanders.

‘That’s not true. The president has a great deal of faith in the intelligence community and, certainly, in the team he has assembled around him…’”

Acosta was asking for this. Sarah has every right to do this, and everyone supports her.

Source:  Fox News

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