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Trump Just Cross the Red Line. Even Obama Can’t Believe It

President Donald Trump has done much more than any other president. He decided to take part in the presidential race for a reason. He had a few good reasons actually. Donald Trump wanted to make America great again. He wanted to help people live a better life. Yes, liberals will never admit that President Trump kept all of his campaign promises. And yes, they will never say that President Trump is better than his predecessor, Barack Obama.

President Donald Trump is an awesome person. We have never had a president like him, and probably we will never get another leader like Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump did another great thing. Same as usual. He was doing good things well before he became a president. The fun part comes when you realize that he was never a politician. He was just a normal person you meet in the streets. But, this person actually knows how to lead a country. Knows how to be a leader.

President Donald Trump is a person who knows how to do things right. He does things from the front. He does not sit back and wait for others to do things for him. Remember how he helped Texas to deal with the damage caused by the Hurricane Harvey? He went straight to the spot, and gave his money to help people deal with the crisis.

When was the last time a president did something like this? We did not see any of the former president do anything like this. Donald Trump gave his own money. The money he earned with his job. Let’s not forget that President Donald Trump does not take a salary as president. So, the money he sent to Texas were not ours. He did not take money from taxpayers. Remember that, and ask for the same thing from every other leader.


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