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VP Pence Drops Bombshell on Democrats About Why Trump is So Successful as President

There is no other explanation to this. He is doing everything former president Barack Obama never did. The former president brought this country to the edge, and President Donald Trump had to do something about it. He came to lead this country at the right time.

Remember what Democrats said at the very first moment President Donald Trump announced his decision to run for president? They said that he would fail in every possible way.

But, truth is, President Trump was super successful. He is in the White House for over two years, and he has accomplished more than his predecessor. How will Obama like this? We believe he is ashamed. But, you will never see him admit that.

President Trump managed to accomplish great things. Obama could not even dream of these.

Vice President Mike Pence held a speech at the Values Voter Summit, and used the occasion to blast Democrats for the things they did wrong. “It’s been two years of promises made and promises kept, and we’re just getting started,” he said. Simple as that.

Americans know that President Trump achieved awesome things. They are more into seeing things done. Almost every presidential candidate promised to do great things for this country, but they were really quiet after election day.

Pence talked about Obama and President Trump, outlining all the things President Trump did in the last couple of years. Maybe Obama will come with a response to this. Who knows…

“President Obama, you presided over the weakest economic expansion since the Great Depression. When we took over this economy, it was growing by less than two percent, and now it’s growing by more than four percent. This economy isn’t booming because of your policies; it’s booming because we’ve been rolling back the failed policies of your administration since day one.”

Source: Breitbart

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